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Call: 2014 (HK)


  • Associate Member, The Chartered Institute of Arbitrators (CIArb)

  • Accredited General Mediator, Hong Kong Mediation Accreditation Association Limited (HKMAAL)

  • Tribunal Secretary, Hong Kong International Arbitration Centre (HKIAC)


PCLL, The University of Hong Kong

LLB, The University of Hong Kong

BBA(Law), The University of Hong Kong


Middle Temple Scholar (2015) 


English, Cantonese, Mandarin (Native)



T: +852 2122 9980

F: +852 2122 9990


Lily has an extensive practice in matrimonial matters.  She has advised and represented all types of parties, including husbands, wives, unmarried couples, and parents or other third-party interveners.  She has handled jurisdictional disputes in cross-border marriages, the permanent relocation, abduction or return of children to and from Hong Kong, children's custody disputes, as well as matrimonial finances and property disputes, involving arguments on the impacts of trust and nuptial agreement.  She has an increasing engagement in mediation. 

She has a civil practice on general commercial and contractual disputes, winding-up and bankruptcy proceedings, trusts, and land matters.  She has experience handling criminal matters as both prosecution and defence. 


She also receives instructions for mediation and arbitration.



  • ZJW v SY, CACV10/2017: acted for the husband resisting the wife’s appeal against the decline of jurisdiction by the Family Court on the ground of the lack of substantial connection, where both parties are PRC residents ([2017] HKFLR 612); and for security for costs in respect of the appeal ([2017] HKFLR 409) (led by Mr. Benjamin Yu, S.C. and Ms. Anita Yip, S.C.).

  • LCYP v JEK, HCMC3/2018 & FCMC 4880/2014: acted for the wife in a High Court trial for ancillary relief in the context of an unvitiated pre-nuptial agreement and with the involvement of several trusts out of the Hong Kong jurisdiction ([2019] HKCFI 1588) (led by Ms. Anita Yip, S.C., and Mr. Eugene Yim); acted for the wife to seek maintenance pending suit in the same context ([2016] HKFLR 254) (led by Ms. Anita Yip, S.C.).

  • LLC v LMWA & Anor, FCMC4683/2014: acted for the father of the husband to defend his interest in landed properties that were used as matrimonial properties for his son’s family in a preliminary issue trial ([2017] HKFLR 433) (led by Ms. Anita Yip, S.C.); resisting the wife’s application for variation of costs order in that trial for the preliminary issue ([2018] HKFLR 349) (as sole counsel). 

  • BMC v BGC , CACV45/2020: acted for an American father to appeal against the decision of the Court of First Instance of Hong Kong in refusing his application under the Hague Convention for an order to return his 2-year-old daughter kept by his Hong Kong wife in this jurisdiction (led by Ms. Anita Yip, S.C.). 

  • DX v LN, CACV159/2016 & FCMC 7870 /2014: acted for the wife to seek maintenance pending suit where the husband has been financially supported by the parents, to take out a judgment summons on the husband’s default of maintenance payment; obtained an anti-suit injunction against the husband and the father-in-law in respect of PRC landed properties ([2015] HKFLR 525); obtained a prohibition order prohibiting the husband leaving Hong Kong in default his maintenance payments ([2016] HKFLR 139); applied for payment out to discharge maintenance in arrears in the Court of Appeal against money paid into court as a condition for the husband’s release from imprisonment pending appeal ([2017] HKFLR 81)(led by Ms. Anita Yip, S.C.).

  • YT v TLH, FCJA 3690/2017: acted for the husband to resist the wife’s application for specific discovery and general discovery seeking to extend the period prescribed by Form E and resisted the wife’s application for leave to appeal; resisted the wife’s application to use the documents of Hong Kong matrimonial proceedings in another proceedings in the PRC (led by Ms. Anita Yip, S.C.). 

  • CLS v LPKP, FCMC 17127/2014: acted for the husband to resist specific discovery application ([2018] 1 HKLRD 786) and to resist the late amendment of pleadings for a TL v ML and s. 17 preliminary issue trial ([2018] HKFLR 92) (led by Ms. Anita Yip, S.C.). 

  • TKMJ v FSS, FCMC14864/2014: acted for the wife to resist the husband’s application for litigation costs provision pending suit (led by Mr. Robert Pang, S.C.). 

  • CAW v FHFD, FCMC11197/2009: acted for the father in a trial resisting a permanent relocation of her son to Poland and resisted the mother’s application for leave to appeal (led by Ms. Anita Yip, S.C., and with Mr. Caspar Ng).

  • RM (aka RH) v SRM, FCMC8500/2014: acted for the mother in a trial for permanent relocation, care, and control of her child to Japan (as sole counsel). 

  • LSDS v BX, FCMC8189/2017: acted for the husband/father to varied downwards the interim maintenance for former spouse and child (as sole counsel). 

  • HK v OTM, FCMC3332/2019: acted for the wife to seek anti-suit injunction against the husband commencing another divorce action in Morocco (as sole counsel). 

  • Lau v Tong, Chung, FCMC13367/2016 (Chinese Judgment)acted for the mother of a party who obtained a judgment in the PRC in respect of the ownership of landed property to raise forum non conveniens argument in the Family Court (as sole counsel). 


  • Lau Yeung Mei v Wong Oi Shun, [2018] 3 HKC 676: acted for the alleged contemnor in contempt proceedings for alleged breach of injunction and involved in the construction of terms of an injunction order (as sole counsel).

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