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Call: 2015 (HK)


BA (Political Science), Boston University

JD, Chinese University of Hong Kong

PCLL, Chinese University of Hong Kong



T: +852 2122 9980

F: +852 2122 9990


Ken’s civil practice focuses on contested matrimonial matters.  


He is also experienced in civil matters involving trust, land, and probate matters and criminal matters as both prosecution and defence.


Ancillary Relief

  • LKY v YLP, FCMC 18284/2013
    10-day trial on ancillary relief featuring contested valuation of a listed company (led by Ms. Anita Yip SC)


  • 麥 對 張及另二人, FCMC 7641/2018; [2020] HKFC 95
    8-day trial on a section 17 MPPO application featuring a dispute on beneficial ownership of a landed property (led by Ms. Maggie Wong SC, together with Ms. Tanie Toh)


  • CLH v CKWCFCMC 6763/2016; [2020] HKFC 104
    6-day trial on ancillary relief and a section 17 MPPO application representing the legally aided Petitioner


  • LCKLM nee CKLM v. LWK, CACV 186/2016
    Appeal on the application of slip rule to a consent order for full and final settlement for ancillary relief (led by Ms. Anita Yip SC)


  • CSFK v HWH, CACV 318/2010; [2020] 2 HKLRD 586
    Appeal concerning the legality of an order made during the Financial Dispute Resolution disposing the claims for ancillary relief (led by Ms. Anita Yip SC)


  • CWC v KSCG, FCMC15082/2017; [2019] HKFC 178
    Specific discovery concerning various companies and trust entities (led by Ms. Anita Yip SC)


  • LKWW v GTT, FCMC 2876/2016
    Maintenance Pending Suit of a cross-border marriage (Hong Kong and Mainland)


  • LPYM v CKF, FCMC 5547/2018
    Ancillary relief application featuring Norris addback for gambling loss


  • CTPB v WS, FCMC6958/2018
    Ancillary relief application featuring a TL v ML dispute on beneficial ownership of various Mainland properties


  • SV v MS, FCMC 2868/2018; [2020] HKFC 197
    7-day trial on custody and care and control featuring shared care and Official Solicitor (led by Ms. Anita Yip SC)


  • CWC v KSCG, FCMC15082/2017; [2020] HKFC 176
    5-day trial on custody featuring a locally based parent and children staying overseas (led by Ms. Anita Yip SC)


  • CYYC v TVKT, FCMC 14649/2014
    4-day trial on children relocation to the United Kingdom for education (led by Ms. Anita Yip SC)


  • CS v WCT, FCMC 1930/2019; [2019] HKFC 161
    Contested application for change of school (Kellett and Harrow)


  • SSY v WMW, FCMC 1690/2016
    Permanent children relocation to Taiwan 


  • WJA v KYW, FCMC 6028/2016
    Maintenance for children with special medical needs



  • CMP v FFYC, CACV29/2017
    Appeal against a beddoe order indemnifying costs of the executor of the estate in a highly contested probate matter


  • NSY v TPMS, FCMP 140/2016
    Application under Inheritance (Provision for Family and Dependants) Ordinance Cap. 481


  • 香港特別行政區 訴 吳惠敏, DCCC 608/2015
    26-day trial for a charge of conspiracy to defraud


  • 香港特別行政區 訴 李達文及另四人, DCCC 648/2016
    Mitigation for charges of conspiracy to defraud and agent accepting an advantage


  • HKSAR v. Chan Ka Ming, HCMA 228/2018
    Appeal against a conviction of indecent assault

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